What is it?

Where is the secret?

Your benefits

In these cures sea water is used as a thermal source, collecting at different depths to ensure purity, and applied at temperatures ranging between 10 º C and 40 º C. Depending on the purpose of treatment.

Seawater is beneficial to many medical professionals advise their patients walks seashore to heal certain diseases.

Where lies the secret of the source of life and beauty that is seawater?

The raw material of the thalassotherapy, water coming directly from the sea. It has special properties that are between the salinity and density of its movement.

All these factors contribute to the water is itself an aesthetic resource therapeutic addition, enormously profitable. The benefit to the skin has the Thalassotherapy or what is the same, sea bathing, are due not only to the amount of sodium chloride (Salt, also involving oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, iodine, fluorine, copper, iron, zinc ...

The absorption by the skin of these elements results in a number of beneficial effects. As circulatory system improvement. In addition to its therapeutic and aesthetic, has a huge calming effect and stressing.